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Top Free MMORPG for 2013

Posted on  Jan 11,2013  08:01 , by EDWARD WONG

2012 is a great year for games, especially for mobile games. Most of traditional developers of social games and console games were moving into the development of games for mobile devices. Some scored a great deal of fortunes while others failed to make any cent. Despite a roaring trend of mobile gaming, there were a [...]

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New Free MMORPG in 2012

Posted on  Mar 31,2012  08:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Fight it out, clear all the obstacles in your way, and stand on top of the world! There is always this heroic theme in MMORPGs. Anyway, who does not desire to be the savior? But, here is the question: how many more variations have developers created recently to satisfy our aspirations? DotMMO has picked up [...]

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The Hits Of Summer 2011: TOP 10 Most Popular iPhone Games

Posted on  Aug 30,2011  02:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Take out your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from your pocket while commuting to work and have fun with all kinds of cute games! It is just that easy! Perhaps you only visited the AppStore once in a while this summer. Then you might have missed some glistening gems. To enrich your spare time, follow [...]

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Top Browser Games in Germany

Posted on  Apr 26,2011  03:04 , by EDWARD WONG

The trend -Video games playable via the Internet – has seen a remarkable growth in Germany. Such games are called Browsergames where players do not need to download game client and install it on their PC, but a simple registration redirects players into the fantasy gaming world. From our research and follow-ups in German online [...]

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Browser Games For 2011

Posted on  Jan 10,2011  03:01 , by EDWARD WONG

2010 was a challenging year for browser games, MMO, Social games like iPhone Games, Android Games, and Facebook Games. Online MMORPG Publishers such as Sony, Ubisoft, EA switched its focus to social games, rolling out some Facebook games based on their own video games like PoxNora, Wildlife Refuge, CSI Crime City, Setters Online, and Lord [...]

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3D Browser Games

Posted on  Dec 6,2010  09:12 , by EDWARD WONG

What is the future for online games? Phil Harrison said the next generation of games is browser-based online games rather than the client or console-based video games. Here comes our feature in where we tell you some upcoming 3D browser games or released mmos based in 3D world. We with 3 year experience covering browser [...]

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New MMORPGs / MMO Games in 2011

Posted on  Nov 26,2010  03:11 , by EDWARD WONG

MMO Game Site announced the list of Top 10 new MMORPGs, to be released in 2011 or 2012. We sift the best mmo games from player’s rating, extensive exposure in gaming news, and former success of the series. Although WOW still dominate the gaming market, there will be more and more new titles coming to [...]

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List of Top 30 Best social games on Facebook

Posted on  Oct 22,2010  04:10 , by EDWARD WONG

If you are Facebook Fans, you might have some applications activated like FarmVille, Mafia War. But today, we do not list the ages-ago Facebook games, instead, we picked up 30 newest Best Facebook Social games, which have been proved popular among Facebook users. Furthermore, we feature more Facebook games at our social games list section [...]

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Top 12 PC games at PAX 2010

Posted on  Sep 14,2010  03:09 , by EDWARD WONG

It seems that, to some game players, in 2010, not only Shanghai Expo has feasted their eyes, and the very popular game exhibition, Penny Arcade Expo(PAX), has also stirred their hearts and refreshed their options of game play. Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulic in 2004, Penny Arcade Expo has split into PAX East [...]

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Chinese MMORPG List Part 2

Posted on  Sep 13,2010  02:09 , by EDWARD WONG

A couple of days ago, I featured an article about Chinese free to play MMORPG list part 1 . You may not be keenly concerned about F2p game market and gaming, but that has become a trend so to speak. NeverWinter, The Lord of the Rings Online, and Age of Empires Online, Heroes of Might [...]

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top games


Odin Quest

The brand new Fantasy game RIFT features massive batting and daily login rewards...


Legend Warrior

Strategy online game Batheo opens new servers ever week with multiplayer and social options...

War of Legends

War of Legends

Be legend, be warlord, be legendary strategist. Dive into browser MMO War of Legends...



Evony, the first online mmo on browser. It's constantly updated with new heroes and contents...

War 2 Glory

War 2 Glory

The Second World War game with hero levelup, city building, item trading and city conquering...