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3D Browser Games

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What is the future for online games? Phil Harrison said the next generation of games is browser-based online games rather than the client or console-based video games. Here comes our feature in where we tell you some upcoming 3D browser games or released mmos based in 3D world.

We with 3 year experience covering browser game market, believe the 3D browser games will rock the Internet with the features such as quick loading, console-like graphics, persistent RPG, and highly interactive MMO elements.

With the high end game engines such as Unity 3D, Adobe Shockwave, and Nebula, they give developers easiest and fastest way to develop their 3d games on web browser.

We just picked up a list of top 3D browser-based online games that show great potential in the market from our wide and massive game list. Maybe we are missing some games, but we are open to add the new games if you got one.

1, Ruined Online

Bigpoint describes Online Ruined as a 3D browser-based fast-paced arena combat game set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, and equipped with high-end features in the style of a traditional console game. Ruined Online should have 6 Characters and several Arenas in where player are able to shoot and attack mutant creatures.

2, Mummy Online

Mummy Online is a 3D unity-powered brower mmorpg set in ancient Egypt as the film Mummy delivers. Mummy Online is not a text-based MMORPG, but replete with action, and RPG. This game may be expected to launch in early 2011.

3, Drakensang online

4, Poisonville

5, Dungeon Empires

Unlike what the market has seen browser games that you build your city and empire, the 3D browser MMORPG game Dungeon Empires instead allows players to build the challenging dungeon where they defend their own Dungeons, slay all sorts of nasty monsters (including zombies, ghouls, golems and dragons) that populate the dungeon.

In Dungeon Empires, there are different characters, decorative items and units to choose from. You can learn skills and equip advanced equipment to conquer other dungeons. Of course, there are some life skills that can be learned for your character’s growth, including, cook, crafting, mining, pludering and digging.

6, Battlestar Galactica Online

7, Star Trek – Infinite Space

Star Trek may let a generation of gamers feel exited, and the good news from German-based GameForge is the old franchise will be back under the new name Infinite Space. Using Unity plugin, Star Trek: Infinite space is a 3D browser game featuring space exploration and strange aliens encountering, online battle and shooting.

8, Stellar Dawn

Stellar Dawn is an upcoming 3D space-themed browser mmorpg that is developed by RuneScape’s developer Jagex that also publishes War of Legends in collaboration with Chinese studios.

9 Urban Galaxy

Urban Galaxy is a browser-based 3D real-time MMO being developed by a startup called Bubblebean. As the title suggests, Urban Galaxy is set in the Urban Megapolis and sci-fi futuristic.

This browser mmorpg also feature upgradable skills, real time ranking and reputation.

10, RuneScape

11, Pirate Galaxy

12, Free Realms

13, ToonRacer

ToonRacer is also made by Bigpoint. With cartoony characters, you can drive your customized cars to race with thousands of players in the tunnel, underworld, and many tracks.

Currently, only German developers found Unity game engine is a great for them to develop 3D browser game, but for the rest of world’s game developers, they may learn the skills soon. Let’s see how 3D web game dominate the next generation online gaming.

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5 Comments on 3D Browser Games


  1. This list is nice, got stuck on ruined online after playing it haha,will have to test the other games aswell.

  2. this is a great mmorppg browser game..hope u will all like it

  3. i think you forgot about Dead Frontier, this a great 3D Browser Games about zombie

  4. I usualy use browsermmorpg.com to check out new games and such. It has lots and you can see a lot about a game before you try it. Or just google for browser games, that works too, sadly i haven’t seen many cool ones lately, only the old vets.

  5. E-Sim – free, massive, multiplayer, social browser game

    E-Sim is a simulation of modern world.
    You can become a virtual citizen of one of 38 virtual countries and participate in it’s political, military and economical life.
    Your citizen can become an ordinary soldier, company owner or run for presidential seat and become the leader of the whole country!

    You can focus on your own career or help your country in wars and battles. You can organize your own private army or invest in your business – it’s all your choice!


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