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Chinese MMORPG List Part 2

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A couple of days ago, I featured an article about Chinese free to play MMORPG list part 1 . You may not be keenly concerned about F2p game market and gaming, but that has become a trend so to speak. NeverWinter, The Lord of the Rings Online, and Age of Empires Online, Heroes of Might and Magic – these classic franchise has successively gone free to play. What does that mean? They are trying to copy Asian F2P Business model, hooking players by teasing them in a free to play manner.

As an extention, This feature named Chinese MMORPG List Part 2 covers about 10 Chinese famous mmorpgs that has localized into English or other languages. What is more, all of following mmos are highly rated and hpyed.

Conquer Online

Conquer Online is an open PVP leading Kungfu MMOPRG that is said to be TQ Digital’s most popular game. It is available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Unlike TQ Digital’s other games which usually have two or three playable classes, Conquer Online has five: Ninja, Archer, Trojan, Warrior, and Taoist. Each one represents different attributes and abilities. Also blending with a lot common elements, such as wealth, fame and character development, Conquer focuses more on straightforward combat, which makes the fight extremely fast paced and intense. The game is impressive for its skilled animations and much smaller install file.

Zero online

Zero online is the first 2.5D MMORPG in China. Launched in April 2007, the game is also developed by TQ Digital. One of the game’s most distinctive features is that the heroes are gigantic robots instead of human beings. In the vast space of Zero, you’re no long fight like common warriors or mages but pilots with excellent skills. Another extraordinary characteristic of Zero online is that the game owns an extremely fast experience gain and an incredibly high level cap. However, the game only has two playable classes: Infantry and Artillery, which makes your enemies less challenging.

Eudemons Online

As another MMORPG, sharing the same developer with Conquer Online and Zero online, Eudemons Online sets its background in a western fantasy world integrated with oriental elements. In the game, you can choose to be a worrier, a mage or a Paladin. Whatever your choice is, you’re free to venture in this magic and mythical world. The game is praised for its innovative pet training system that you can raise your own ‘Eudemons’ to help you in battles. Moreover, like TQ Digital’s other games, Eudemons also has a fast rate of leveling and game play. Nevertheless, the graphics of the game is a little dated.

Crazy Tao

As a fantasy game, Crazy Tao features fights and battles as well as romantic love and cute pets, which make the game stands out of TQ Digital’s other games. The game is shrouded by mythical Chinese culture. In the spectacular world of Taoism, you would experience magical oriental legend as well as take memorable risks and adventures. However, like the publisher’s other games, it only have two playable classes—Warrior and Mage. Moreover, the game is accused of being a clone of another game, the abovementioned Eudemons Online. Despite of these defects, Crazy Tao is still a quite popular game in America and Europe.


Developed by ChangYou, Zentia is a MMOPRG with a variety of playable classes: Vajra Guardian, Raksha Warrior, Master Summoner, Blade Warden, Fire Mage, Stormlord, Divine Enchanter, and Dark Revenant. Distinguished from many online gamess, whose characters can be personalized andcustomized, Zentia is distinctive for its 22 pre-created heroes. Yet as you progress in the game, you could choose gears that would make you outstanding in the crowd. Moreover, unlike ChangYou’s previous games, Zentia, has a unique visual style as well as an amazing storyline; it boasts of a magic fairytale and humorous dialogues.

Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath takes place in ancient China during of the Song Dynasty in 960 AD. It tells stories of nine races of non-human deities mentioned in Buddhist cosmology. Dragon Oath is famous in China, because of a very popular novel, written by Jing Yong, a well-known kongfu novelist. The game is unique for its extensive pet training and breeding system. Players can capture pets with different features that fit their own personality. Say, some players enjoy finding the cutest pets available, whereas others train their pets for combat purpose. Another special point of the game is that players can assume many different roles: a hunter, gatherer, PVP specialist, achievement addict, or a traditional quester,

Battle of the immortals

Battle of the immortals is an action oriented 3D fantasy MMORPG, developed by Perfect World Entertainment. The game has 5 unique classes: Berzerker, Champion, Slayer, Magus and Heretic; each has their own distinct skill set and equipment. A special Zodiac System and pet system makes the game quite interesting. The former would empower your character according to their Zodiac symbol, while the latter would provide you the opportunity to collect a vast variety of pets ranging from cute to devastating monsters. The game is also notable for its auto-navigate system, which would make your quests much easier. However, some people have criticized that the game has too much automation and poor character customization.

Forsaken world

Forsaken world is the sixth MMORPG that is announced by Perfect World Entertainment for the American market. The game boasts of having varied races and classes, which is quite different from the afore-mentioned games. The races, in Forsaken world, are Human, Elves, Dwarves, Stonemen and the Kindred; each one has its own attributes and stories. While the classes are a combination of ever present roles like warrior, mage, priest, assassin, marksmen and newer types like vampire or bard. Like Battle of the immortals, the game also has a Zodiac system, which uses the players actual birthday to determine what kind of rewards the player will receive when praying to the game world’s gods. Apart from these, there are flying or floated fortresses in Forsaken world, further challenge your journey in this amazing world.

All in all, each game all has its own shining points and defects. What matters most, is that you could have fun and laugh. Therefore, I hope this overview can help you choose the right game to play, and really enjoy yourself in the virtual world.

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