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Games like evony – Very Similar Strategy Games From China

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Welcome to MMOGameSite.com, this Games-like-Evony review features free online strategy games that are developed and published by Chinese developers. Most of the games have the same gameplay as Evony offers. That is why we call them copycat of Evony, or games like Evony. In China, 90% top browser web games are similar to Evony, but Only Evony got a great success in North America and the rest of the world.

1, World of LordCraft

World of Lordcraft is a free online browser-based game completely inspired by World of Warcraft. As a lord of the Alliance or the Horde,  you can lead your customized heroes to build your own kingdom and muster an invincible army to fend off the invasion.

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2, TransForce

TransForce, the Transformers series, which is published by Playcomet NetWork, is a free browser game that culminates in a perfect combination of WoW’s instance, Evony’s Strategy, and Tribal War’s Warfare.


Be a venturesome hero in the gaming world of the TransFormers.

Explore hazardous instanced dungeon.

Challenge your aggressive enemies.

Unlock the achievements

Share the Battle Report in the general Chat room.

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3  WW2 Warfare
WWII Warfare is a free browser-based strategy game set at the height of World War II. With the Axis against the Allies, both sides will engage in the battle. In WWII Warfare, you can build your own base and develop your infrastructure, such as military academy, medical center, depot and command center, etc. ultimately, you can make an attack to your enemies and loot resources. Interesting enough, you can do the crusading tasks, which is helpful to acquire more resources for daily use.

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4, Three Kingdoms Online

Three Kingdoms Online’s kingdom is somewhat similar to Evony’s, in that it, too, made in China. Three Kingdoms Online is run and backed by Brothersoft.com, while Evony is operated under the Direction of Mr. Guo.


Realistic Chinese Three Kingdoms Warring campaign.

Upgradable, levellable Hero and Weapon.

Empire Ruling and Resources Looting

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5, Age of Ocean

Age of Ocean is a Free to Play strategy game set on the high seas in which you play as a commander, fight enemies, and trade items and goods with other players. Age of Ocean can be described as a pirate game. In Age of Ocean, you recruit sailors, trade with merchants, and battle pirates and other players. Go in search of new lands and the treasures they hold.

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6, Rock Age

Rock Age, funded by Ingle Games, is a social browser game for Facebook platform. The game was originally planned out by a group of gamers who were playing Evony, and Happy Farm. Later Ingle Games found it interesting, and made it come true and successfully run it on Facebook.

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7, Empire Craft

Empire Craft is a 2D free browser based Strategy game where players construct their empire in the medieval ages. Upgrade your barracks,  train and organize your troops, and hire and recruit Heroes to lead your troops into battle.

Empire Craft is the first English game by Hithere.com, which is backed by Chinese company OPI that own thousands of websites like Brothersoft.com, Koramgame.com, and some sites that you can download software.

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8, Nap War

Fog of War, Napoleonic War, NapWar for short,  is an online strategic web game that offers unlimited free gameplay. The game is bossed by the former Evony’s Market director Mr. Chen.  The game currently has 7 server available including Aiacciu (Server001)     Autun (Server002) Brienne (Server003)     Paris (Server004) Toulon (Server005)     Valence (Server006) and Pisa (Server007) .


No downloads and installations required

Console-like graphics

Online Wheel of Fortune for gambling

Realms of Battlefield for Challenging

City Conquering completely

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9, Lords Online

Lords Online is developed by Fuzhou-headquartered IGG, a global online game publishing platform, a subsidiary of its Chinese portfoilo 766.com and 176.com. The Game is much like the Evony, with a pack of bugs out there.

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10, The Wars

“The War” is a free browser game with no installation. The Game is set in the Three Kingdoms Warring Period with tens of thoudands of heroes sacrificing their lives and fighing for dominance. In The Wars, you can enjoy the achievement of developing a prosperous city, forming an invincible army, fighting against the opponent with your alliance’s support, etc. Under Officer Developing System, your officer will achieve fame in fighting with historical characters.

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11 Kingory

Kingory, known as Romance of Three Kingdoms Online, is a free online multiplayer browser game that is very similar to Evony’s gameplay. Kingory is available at Kingory.com, gameol.com, Kingory.eu, and Facebook platform. The game war so popular in China, but due to its out fashioned graphics and style, It cannot compete with Evony, so its online gamers are considerably sliding.

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12, Caesary

Caesary is browser based game in which you start with great tutorial, and then you simply follow quests. This game is really addictive so be careful because it will blow your mind. Caesary is also developed in China, has been translated into English. Compared with Evony, Caesary is somewhat stands out thanks to its gameplay and theme. The game is currently playable at kongregate.com, and TopMy.com, and Caesary.net

Some features :
Real-Time Hop-In Dogfight PvP Battles
Tributary Colonization System
Engagement Protocol Protection (noob friendly)
i-Touch-like World Map (roam free!)
Ultra-Fast Drag-&-Drop Military Unit Control
Dazzling 3D-Modeled Graphics
Freedom to Mute Any Chatter (self-serve!)

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13, Casvian, Heroes of Gaia

“Heroes of Gaia” is a fantasy web-based MMORPG that combines RTS, RPG Flash-animation and turn-based elements together to offer players a fresh take on browser gaming. Heroes of Gaia is also can be called Casvian, Castle of Heroes, and YingXiongZhiCheng.

14 War of Legends

War of Legends is a made-in-China browser game set in Ancient Chinese Mythology.  The game could support 5000 online game players in the same servers. The game is created using the Flash, but the loading speed does not work smoothly, rather laggy. The game also allows you build, fight, and socialize.

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15, Heroes is a browser based online strategy game. Based on myths from different regions, the story contains content from Book of the Dead (Egypt), Nibelungenlied (Nordic), Theogony (Greek), Veda (Hindu) and many epic literatures. In the game, players will be able to build cities with different architectures, and summon gods that are well known by the world, tries to conquer the world and build their own legend.

Heroes contains most of the classic features as a strategy game, and combined with features from role-playing games such as character development, equipment and quest system. It’s fulfilled with cultures and experience. Desolated and wild land of Nordic, endless desert of Egypt, and the magnificent grand Greek are well emerged into the world of fantasy. Players will develop and enjoy the difference and unique features of each race.

16, The Seventh Dragon

The Seventh Dragon, a persistent world simulation RPG set in the continent of Asan embroiled in global turmoil. Players become Heroes, build cities, battle foes, and save the world from the conquering Devils.

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17 Ministry of War

Ministry of War is a newly released browser game whoes’s gameplay and computer language coding are well-prepared and designed compared with other Evony-Like browser strategy games. Presented and powered by Snail Games, Ministry of War is expected to be fully released later August, 2010. In August 1, Snail Games signed a new deal with GameStop’s Kongregate to launch this game on Kong’s gaming platform.

18 Mythopolis

Mythopolis is a free browser game that is set to release in August 10, 2010. Set in the medieval ages, Mythopolis promises players with Three Kingdoms Online’s gameplay, tactics, and facebook connection. Developed by China-based KoramGame.com, Mythopolis can be considered to be another Evony production.

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