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Martial Arts MMO Games and KungFu MMORPGs

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Have you ever dreamed of being a martial artist? Have you ever dreamed of being revered and honored in all weapons by a wise master? Well now is your chance because of many free flowing and great Martial Arts MMOs hitting the market.

1.9 Dragons

9 Dragons by Acclaim is an outstanding and long time Free 2 Play MMORPG that mixes martial arts into the game. It immerses players into the world of the game and allows players to customize their characters accordingly, with countless weapons and gear. Kung Fu and other martial arts skills are learned along the way to help players meditate and to simply be able to fight their opponents. Players also have the choice of joining a very strong clan that will fight for them and along side them in multiple quests. The battle of 9 Dragons is intense and amazing as it pulls the player further into the game. Characters perform real Kung Fu moves and hit their enemies for amazing amount of damage. The game portrays a pure martial arts feel to it. The main object in the game is to obtain the seeds of the 9 Dragons which is obtained over time and because of hard work in the game. Check out Acclaim’s 9 Dragons as soon as possible for a real Martial Arts feel.

2.World of Kung Fu

World of Kung Fu has many features which distinguishes it from all other MMOs and Martial Arts MMOs. The game is easy to get into and hard to get it as players will be intrigued and surprised by the amount of possibilities unlocked in this game. Not only do players actually learn martial arts styles, but they learn weapons mastery and have a choice of 9 weapons which they will use to conquer their enemies. Combat is smooth and free flowing with the large amount of skills that can be performed. There is also a crafting system which allows players to make their own items which was a nice addition as well as the marriage system where players become married in game and fight along side each other, earning more experience and other bonuses. A more popular system is the school system where players can enter and log off for all the time and they will level! This addition was put in to limit grind and they succeeded as players were happier with this change. World of Kung Fu is a wide and expansive game with constant updates and fixes and certainly one of the best Martial Arts MMOs out there.

3.Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle is a Martial Arts MMO that is currently in development by Sony and takes on a new look to Martial Arts games. It does not put the player into the position of trainee but he is now a master with a large amount of skills and weapons at his disposal. The game takes on a Naruto feel as it allows players to fight in 1 vs 1 battles very often and conquer their enemies. The graphics are anime styled and very beautiful. The game is more of a relaxed game rather than up tight and difficult to play. The simplicity and uniqueness of this game stand out further than anything else except for the combat. Combat in Kung Fu Hustle is quick, intense and total fun. Players can pull off constant brutal attacks which damage their enemies and increase their experience points as well as money earned. There are a number of characters to choose from and once a player chooses, he must now set out on his journey and be a Kung Fu Hustler. This game will enter beta soon so keep updated with us.

4.Heroes of Kung Fu

Heroes of Kung Fu is an up and growing Martial Arts MMO by webmmo. The player is sent into a war between three nations and must choose his alliance before continuing on a dangerous trek of constant enemy attacks. There are three current professions, the spear, sword and dagger which each have their pros and cons. This allows for balanced and well laid out Player vs Player contests. The game also provides players with constant hints on getting max experience per day and hitting level 21 in just two hours. These additions will help other players know about the game. Another good aspect to Heroes of Kung Fu is the large amounts of events that are held daily by Game-masters. There are countless amounts of opportunities in this game with a great team system and soloing system for all players. There are also tournaments help in the Martial Hall where players all over the land meet to fight and defeat their enemies single handed. These opportunities open up the game to bigger possibilities so check out this game soon.

Heroes of Kung Fu

5.Kung Fu Online

Kung Fu Online is a browser based Martial Arts MMO brought to us by Koram Games, a popular company in China. Kung Fu Online has hundreds of difficult and challenging quests which players must complete to succeed. To succeed in these quests and tasks, players are able to form parties and guilds to help each other. There is also an arena, where players go, seeking glory and fame among the people of his world. Martial Arts Tournaments as well as Guild Battles are common. The stress relieving meditation mode which was recently added in gives the game a unique and sensual feeling. PVP is widespread in this game and players must be prepared for enemies in the shadows. A dungeon or raiding system was also implemented. Players can do these dungeons and obtain items and weapons with limitless abilities and become to best Kung Fu trainee in the world. After forming guilds, players are able to do guild quests in which they receive much more experience and rare items. Check out Kung Fu online for great action and endless possibilities.

Kung Fu Online

6.Kung Foo

Kung Foo is an MMO currently in development by Perfect World International. This company is popular for action and fun games and Kung Foo promises not to let down. The combat is Kung Foo’s main focus and it does its job as players must first select their character. The customization is limited but the skills in which these characters wield are endless. There is a great variety of weapons to choose from. Players must select a weapon that they will use for the rest of their journey on their way to becoming a Kung Foo Master. The games graphics are animated and are anime styled rather than 3D. Upon launch, players can select up to 7 classes to master and a boat load of themes, skills, pets, dungeons and most importantly Player vs Player modes will be added later on. This game promises not to let down anyone so check out Kung Foo in open beta soon.

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7. 12 Sky 2

12 Sky 2 is an intense Martial Arts based MMORPG that comes from Aeria Games. Its predecessor, 12 Sky 1 was a major success and 12 Sky 2 was no different. There are four different factions to choose from. Each faction has its own characters, classes as well as special abilities which players will use to combat and defeat their enemies on the battlefield. The game’s interface is very simple and the great graphics complement it. Gaining experience is done by a number of possible quests as well as killing monsters. As a player levels in 12 Sky 2, he must add skill points and talent points so his character will develop and be able to use these skills in battles. Player vs Player combat stands out in this game as the warring nations collide and there is mass warfare. There are special battlegrounds or zones where players can compete, but at higher levels, there is also open PVP. A duel system was added in as well, so players can show their prowess over friends in game. Overall, 12 Sky 2 upgraded and updated 12 Sky 1 and is a great and illustrious game.

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8.Hero 108 Online

Hero 108 Online is loosely based on one of the most popular cartoons to hit television and allows players to control these characters and fight against evil, similar to Fusion Fall. The game introduces a new clan and guild system where players team up to fight the evil forces together. There is also fast paced action which will keep the players engrossed in the game and allows players to relax and just take in the beautiful scenery. The graphics is great as it mixes cartoon style with 3D to form a great looking game. Players will now only use the keyboard to move and attack accordingly. As players level up through experience points, they gain talent and skill points which they will use to get new moves and defeat their enemies. There is a lot of missions which players must complete, either alone or in groups. Players who are familiar with the television series will encounter enemies seen in the show. These moments will bring players closer to the game. Countless raids and dungeons can be done in order to win better items and mounts only obtainable through these specific quests. Hero 108 puts players into a new setting and will give them a great time.

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9.Xiah Rebirth

Xiah Rebirth is a recently developed Martial Arts MMO which mixes great martial art skills with the ability to wield and use any weapon. Xiah’s interface and graphics are outdated but the great game play abilities open up this game more. Players receive quests automatically and must begin to explore immediately throughout the world to find and kill their enemies or meet someone and obtain newer quests and continue through a new story. The game lacks in many areas though, such as character customization and the small game world. The game is based out of Asia and the text translation was rather poor and clumsy camera angles did not help much either. Players can choose one of four classes, each with its pros and cons. The swordsman and warrior are very similar but a Ghost Fighter or stealth type class adds some much needed diversity. If a player is looking for some great action, Xiah Rebirth is the game for you.

10.Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is an increasingly popular Martial Arts MMORPG from Perfect World International. Players are able to compete in tournaments and intense combat as well as join guilds or alliances. There are 7 factions to join. These factions each have their specialties and additions which will allow players to turn the tides of battle in their favor. The skills added in are countless. These skills are use to defeat computer bots or other players in the well laid out Player vs Player system. Battlegrounds as well as open PVP allow for a more enjoyable game at higher levels and dungeons and raids allow players to join a party or group and fight for glory as well as better armor and mounts. There is a refining system which allows players to craft their own items obtained from monsters. A recently implemented master and disciples mode increased the game’s popularity as two players can now bind themselves together and obtain more experience as they kill monsters. Pets are also available for players to use, manage and feed. With all this and many other features, Jade Dynasty is one of the best MMORPGs available.

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11.Blade Wars

Blade Wars is a new and fresh Martial Arts MMORPG coming from ChangYou. It was recently put into beta and is expected to come out later this year. This game promises enjoyable and intense combat, an intriguing plot, a ton load of quests to complete and the ability to form alliances and partnerships with other players. The interface and graphics are great and easy to get used to. Character customization and choices are brilliant. There are many skills for a player to learn which he will use in Player vs Player tournaments or battlegrounds. The combat is quick and has a spectacular feeling to it as the click to move system works great along with the easy interface. Hit combos can be performed easily in this game and with great benefit as they give bonus experience and are just a joy to see. Leveling in this game is easier than most others as much of the grind is taken out and easier systems such as a group experience system is added in. Blade Wars is an action MMO that everyone should look forward to later this year.

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12.Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath is another MMO from ChangYou but is more popular and highly praised by gamers. There are 9 classes to choose from which widens combat a lot in this game and allows players to make many alternative characters. Some of these classes are very unique to this game as a free to play game. Each class uses a different weapon type which are easily obtained through quests and dungeons. The game’s graphics and interface are good to the eyes and are simple to get used to. A great addition to this game is that it has all day events which add bosses or bonus experience to the game. This will allow players to team up and fight with each other to gain more experience in a group. Guilds and alliances are created to help fight in dungeons and to simply communicate in game. Pets play a big part in Dragon Oath as there are over 20 pets which a player can choose from. A wedding or family system was introduced so that players can form families and obtain extra experience and other extra items when they fight together. Mounts are available from level 20 and this allows players to move quicker and opens the game up more. Combat and Player vs Player are important aspects of this game which were perfected. Dragon Oath is an illusive and engrossing game where players will become lost in a world of chaos and warfare so don’t waste anytime,get into the game.

13.Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is an MMO that comes to us from NCSoft and from the developers of Lineage 2 and promises not to disappoint as it has countless features stored inside. Japanese Martial Arts plays a major role in this game as players have the ability to become pupils in a specific school and grow in it, learning new spells along the way. The world of Blade and Soul is always changing with a diversified economy and well designed combat systems. Blade and Soul’s graphics are beautiful and mesmerize players all around as it brings real world elements into play. The game is set to be Pay to Play though, which could be a major downfall but it should remain steady as it promises lots of things for the player to do. Check out Blade and Soul soon as well as other games from NcSoft.

Blade and Soul


Loong is an upcoming MMORPG coming from Gamigo. It promises over one thousand quests, hundreds of skills and amazing graphics. The game also shows signs of having a great combat system which will allow for massive Player vs Player battles. The game is set to have free flowing and good game play which will help players enter the game and stay there in. It was released in China in January 2010 and said to have forty million players giving the game a try. The game is set to be released in summer or later this year in America and Europe. This game is highly anticipated for its great game play, graphics and combat system. Stay with MMOGAMESITE as we will cover this game fully until its release.

15.Kung Fu Panda World

Kung Fu Panda World is a browser based MMORPG based on the movie Kung Fu Panda where players will interact with many others in an ever changing world. This game is not based on combat but based on mini games and other simpler elements. There are three game types which a player will compete in to become supreme master of Kung Fu. There is the speed, power and cleverness challenge in which gamers will test their skills. Dreamworks has created a masterpiece of a game that is directed towards children rather than adult gamers. Kung Fu Panda,a great game but is better for kids rather than adults, so if you have a daughter or son, introduce them to Kung Fu Panda World, and they will love it.

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16 Swordsman Online

Revealed at E3 2010 by Perfect World Entertainment, Swordsman Online (tentative title) is a new MMORPG currently in its development stage. Based on the classic novel, 笑傲江湖 (The Smiling, Proud Wanderer), written by acclaimed martial art novelist, Louis Cha (pen name Jin Yong), the game will put players into an ancient, oriental world where martial arts are widely practiced and sects with different agendas rose to assume control of the powerful pugilist fraternity.

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17 Fists of Fu

Fists of Fu is a new free-to-play, 2.5D beat-em-up MMORPG with anime style graphics and an immersive storyline in addition to addictive online multiplayer action, allowing players to explore the home of Fu with its branching paths, multi-level fighting, and gorgeous backgrounds.

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So that is it, an overview of the top 15 martial arts games from the old to the young.

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