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New MMORPGs / MMO Games in 2011

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MMO Game Site announced the list of Top 10 new MMORPGs, to be released in 2011 or 2012. We sift the best mmo games from player’s rating, extensive exposure in gaming news, and former success of the series. Although WOW still dominate the gaming market, there will be more and more new titles coming to being with new genre. Here are over 30 online games and mmos for your reference:

1, The Secret World

The Secret World is an upcoming Pay to Play or monthly subscription-based MMORPG from Norway-based Funcom that has already published Age of Conan and Bloodline Champions Online. The Secret World boasts three factions – the Templars, the Illuminati, and the Dragon – and each has their own headquarters, London, New York, and Seoul. But the London City will be a Main capital City where players conduct all activities. The secret world may be something like a virtual reality world where gamers walk around, do business, fight, and kill.

2, Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare’s latest Efforts to Star Wars: The Old Republic has become the most anticipated project in 2011 despite the fact that industry publishers are barely bullish about the subscription-based business model.
The Sci-Fi SWTOR is fairly reminiscent of Star Trek Infinite Space, and Stellar Dawn, Battlestar Galactica Online. Role play as a Jedi to fight your way throughout the galaxy, Experience the vast expanse of universe in the this action sci-fi MMO.

3, World of Darkness

World of Darkness is a Sci-fi MMORPG From CCP, ad the game will focus on “player politics and social interaction,”. That means players could expect a story-telling virtual world with social interaction and mood.

4, Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes is the newest Play4Free title from BioWare that puts players in a fight for their lives with competitive PvP arena combat. These explosive three team battles aren’t for the faint of heart as success hinges on destroying all who oppose your team to strategically claim and hold bases. This is the legendary Warhammer Online like you’ve never seen it before where to emerge victorious and claim your rightful place atop the leaderboards, you must live to fight.

5, PlanetSide 2

The Sony’s MMO Shooter PlanetSide 2 is a typical MMO with shooting, Strategy, and RPG. Players will build up an agency and experience fast paced action to perform missions and tasks in solo or group. With streamlined weapons, and advanced skills, players will have a lasting feeling of competition with the opposing faction. What players regret is there are only two factions available, and even the free to play and monthly subscription are not determined yet. We hope this mmo will be absolutely innovative unlike any other shooter games.

6, DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online (DCUO) is an MMORPG set in the near future with Comics-tyled super hero character playable like Champions Online. DCUO will have three cities where players are able to explore, which is similar to FUNCom’s the Secret World. But DC Universe Online’s location is called Metropolis, Gotham City and Arkham Asylum. Among the DC Comics heroes and villains, which are you going to defeat? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or The Joker? You have the anwser.

7, Royal Quest

Royal Quest is a free fantasy MMORPG currently being developed by Russian studio Katauri Interactive. This mmo game will offer traditional gaming elements such as pet system, pve and pvk, and looking. Even players will be able to capture the ingame castle to loot treature and gold that could be used to boost ingame fun experience. With high quality graphics and cinematic trailer, the game has attracted a lot media guys to cover upon the first announcemnt.

8, Galactic Command Online

If you are tired of EVE Star wars, here is a new choice for you. The latest MMOG Galactic Command Online that is also set in the infinite space. With FPS-styled combat, you can either choose to play in the plain ground or open-ended galaxy. Galactic Command Online will be released in the spring of 2010.

11, Tribes Universe

Territories divided, fortresses erected, armors glistened, and fighters recruited, every draw in the wind says something about the advent war in MMO Tribes Universe. Which clan could trump over to be the new ruler of human races? What would be the right reaction to survive or even ride on the coming chaos? Hi-Rez Studio leaves the story right there for YOU to wrap up!

12, FireFall

If there is any one who just loves to steep the virtual world in gunshots, Red 5 Studio it is. This time, a FireFall would be their new whim to drive all earthly souls into bigger and more thrilling fights. Don’t want to watch your fellows gunned down and your homeland reduced to waste during the cross-fire? Build up your own sharp-shooter team and see if you got a ‘shot’ to reverse the situation for the better!

14, TERA

The Open beta Korean server for TERA Online is set on January 11, 2011 while the English or other language TERA is not available now.
15, Kaos War

Deep-seated hatred, unquenchable thirsty for power and in-born magic knack, the three, if ever getting converged, would give birth to fearsome warriors, and what’s coming next, immersive Kaos War! Now that SRI Interactive has had the worm box opened, better ‘shoot’ them up before freak out the entire fictional world get freaked out by more creepiness, isn’t it?
18, Guild Wars 2
19, Diablo III
26, DotA 2

It’s not entirely daydreaming to ever wonna change the way the vast galaxy works out, at least in the gaming world now. As long as you are in for some wild space adventures and mind-blowing ship battles, Jumpgate Evolution, Netevil’s recent tactical war-theme MMO, will be more than happy to have you signed up for this exclusive opportunity! Call on your friends to together reshuffle the power balance of the entire universe, will you?
31, ArcheAge
32, End of Nations
33, Fallout Online

The world is on the brink of a full-on war where modernity will play a greater part than it ever did, firstly, in the gaming world. Fallout Online, Interplay’s coming real-time war RPG, gives us just every detail needed to have a peep of the futuristic modern warfare. Come along wrestling with all avant-garde enemies to establish new orders across the globe!

It is said that Fallout Online, or Fallout MMO will be coming in 2012. However as we gamers are expecting, this classic franchise could be possibly due in 2011.

35, Aida Arenas

Aida Arenas is an action adventure side scrolling MMO that takes on classic arcade style beat ‘em with the progression of the characters and social characteristics common in MMORPGs. The MMO is developed by Korean online game maker Game Bridger behind F2P titles like Freejack and Priston Tale 2.

36, Dragon Soul

37, Blood Rites

38, Heroes of Thessalonica

39, Doctor Who

The time-honored Doctor Who boasts a fantastic and engrossing plot: Time Lord, also known as the mysterious and odd Doctor, adventures through time and space in TARDIS, his police box-like time machine. Together with his companions, he explores the unknown in three-dimensional universe, marvels at incredible encounters with an infinite variety of friends and foes, and defends endangered civilizations against ferocious alien races and experiences regenerations after each adventure. Within several months, Doctor Who will witness its brand-new regeneration and its expansion to another medium by the launch of its online game. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will be free to play, require no download and appeal to players of all ages. In this multiplayer game, you can also socialize and challenge players from all over the world.

Updated: May 13, 2011:

40, Brawl Busters

When you fed up with fantasy MMOs and think of something fresh and unique, Brawl Busters, the latest free mmo may be your choice since this game is just announced with some teasing features.

41, Troy Online

The Twelve sky developer rolled out a new game called Troy Online which takes place in the Greek mythology. However, I do not think this game contributes a lot to innovations. Anyway It is a new game.

42 HellGate

43, Ghost Recon Online

44, blacklight retribution

45, Family Guy Online

46, Firefly Universe Online

47, WildStar Online

49, Eligium

50, Titan

51, World of Battleships

52, World of Warplanes

53, OtherLand

54, Bunch of Heroes

56, Wizardry Online


We will keep to update this game list and inform you the latest announcement of mmo games in 2011.

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