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Top Browser Games in Germany

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The trend -Video games playable via the Internet – has seen a remarkable growth in Germany. Such games are called Browsergames where players do not need to download game client and install it on their PC, but a simple registration redirects players into the fantasy gaming world.

From our research and follow-ups in German online gaming development, we found most of the players stick to such new sub-genre of Video game. Since the inception of OGame, and Travian, more and more browser games hit the German market and even Chinese webgame (equivalent of browsergame) targets German market.

Today, we just list some popular German browser-based games in the genre of RTS, RPG, and simulation.

1, Die Siedler Online (The Settlers Online)

Most of German browser games have been translated into multiple languages in a bid to attract millions of worldwide players. But Ubisoft’s Die Siedler Online remain available for German Version, which appears biased for players from the rest of the world.

Rumors said this browser Strategy game will come into International Market this year. Perhaps this will pose a great threat to EA’s Lord of Ultima.

2, Goal United

Online Manger game such as Soccer Manager, Hattrick, and 11×11 marks a past Era, thereby comes a new trend – Goal United. This is a simulation browser game that is very popular in Germany. Published by Travian Games GmbH, Goal United enjoys a much acclaimed reputation. Start your football Manager career Now!

3, Grepolis

Look at its Online concurrent number of players, you will know how much popular Grepolis is! The official open beta started in December, 2009, as times go by, Innogames keeps to update it with New version Grepolis 2.0 live in 2011. Around two million players are playing Grepolis!

4, War 2 Glory

If something is masked with fantasy, or European elements, the object in question may show something different, or even worse, the truth will be distorted. But Chinese guys, obviously, knows how to adopt them into the market.

War2 Glory is an example that attempts to lure European players with World war 2 setting, but it is a free browser game.

In fact, War 2 Glory had been released in China years ago under the name 二战风云,followed by its international localization, WW2 Warfare, and Dawn of Nations .

5, Travian

Needless to say, Travian remains robust thanks to its innovative gameplay as the vanguard browser game.  With its freshest interface and ever updated expansion, Travian qualifies the best browser game of all time.

6, Kapi Hospital

What US players frequently visited website is nothing but Facebook, while what is hot on Facebook? I should say Farmville, Cityville, and Simply Hospital. However, in Germany, browser simulation game that simulates hospital is Kapi Hospital, the most popular game that scores many awards since its release.

If it comes under an international title, it would be more lucrative for the dev team.

7, Farmerama

Farmerama is a free online farming simulation game where players can grow and harvest crops and raise animals, which is similar to Cityville and Frontierville.

In Germany, Farmerama is just a substitute of Farmville.

8, A mystical Land

A Mystical Land is a 3D browser-based online game that is available at browser, facebook and mobile devices. A mystical Land combines traditional MMORPG, Minigame and quest-solving elements.

9, Urban Rivals

10, Battlestar Galactica Online

11, Shakes and Fidget

12, Seven lands

13, Terra Militaris

14, Drakensang Online

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