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Top City building and castle development strategy browser games

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City-building games is a genre of strategy game where gamers and players basically role play as a empire ruler, or castle lord to mange the city’s tax rates, people’s loyaty. Most of the times, players are required to do some research to defend and fend off the invasions. Of course, you can launch the agreesive attack to the invaders.

City-building games or castle development games such as Evony and WW2 Warfare are deemed as an online strategy game, browser strategy game, or even in short MMORTS, MMOFBG. Wanna be a lord in the capital cities? then come with me to take a look at the huge list of City building MMORPG games on the internet.

1, World of Lordcraft

World of LordCraft is a Chinese browser based strategy MMO game whoes characters and artwork were directly ripped from WoW. Controversially enough, WoW fans are keenly concerned about the copyright, but some players claim that words like Alliance and Horde are common words, and the intellectual property rights are not considered an infringement. Anyway, World of Lordcraft is a better city building strategy game in which you can develop your capital city and castle, which will accecelrate your troops training and military campaign.

2, Three Kingdoms Online

Three Kingdoms Online is free city building strategy browser game developed and published by KoramGame that has successfully introduced 30 Servers so far. Even the French version of this Chinese browser game are somewhat popular when hiting the French-speaking countries.

3, Empire Craft

Empire Craft is an early city building browser game, but fully fledged, because this browser game is developed by a Chinese leading social networking society operator, MOP. In Empire Craft, you need to build your capital city and develop your castle, ultimately you will become the lord and conquer or conolize the castles around you, and even beyond.

4, Heroes of Gaia / Castle of Heroes

Heroes of Gaia is a Chinese free to play browser game in which you can contruct your castle and mange your empire in the fantasy gaming world. In China, Heroes of Gaia are called Castle of Heroes, and the game is Hero-centric with your character’s upgrade and training features. Developed by Snail Games, Heroes of Gaia has been published by a handful of publishers, including Gpotato, F2pMMO, Casvian, TopMy and many more.

5, Ministry of War

Also developed by Snail Games, Ministry of War has been improved throughout the game, such as the graphics, animations, fullscreen, and even gameplay. However, it is confined to city building and castle development, so what you can do is build and grow your city.

6, Camelot of kingdoms

Kingdoms of Camelot is a free city building real-time strategy (RTS) game that is playable on Facebook. Upon the detailed tutorial, you will perform the quests and build your cities using your resourceful tactics. This is free online game that demands a good amount of skill, tactics and strategic thinking. None of that matters if you are spending all your game-playing time being attacked by stronger players. It will be virtually impossible to get ahead without using some of these techniques to defend yourself.

7, Evony Age 2

Evony (formerly known as Civony) is a browser-based multiplayer online game with graphic elements reminiscent of Civilization. The game is set in medieval times where a player is to establish a city and begin developing various technology and building supporting structures to generate armies and resources for the purpose of attacking other players and in game opponents.

8, Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is a city building business simulation browser game. You can do the tasks according to the game’s mechanisms and open your stores.

9, lord of ultima

Lord of Ultima is a Strategy MMO browser game set in the legendary Ultima universe. To become the mighty Lord of Ultima, you must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering and sieging enemy cities.

10 TransForce

TransForce is a not bad city building game regarding its gameplay and constant updates, yet when talking about its city building’s infrastructure or construction, it is horrible, because the graphics are ugly with static mini icons. This game requires you to strategize your brain and fight against the enemies in the sci-fi virtual enviroment.

11 WW2 Warfare

WW2 Warfare is a war fighting / city building game developed by PlayComet, a HongKong-based online game publisher behind TransForce, Warrior Legends and WWII Assembly. WWII Warfare is set in the second world war when the axis and the allied are involed in the cruel warf. Are you ready to put your enemies  in such a torturing destiny?

12, City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a newly released game on Facebook.  Developed by PlayDom, City of Wonder features a well designed tutorial, humrous comic graphics, and multiple tech tree development, and variety of shopping items. What is short of is the full screen option that may not attract more hardcore gamers who are playing WOW,  Age of Empres Online.

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  1. Man you are so stupid the first game is World of Warcraft ….


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