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Top Free Virtual World for Kids

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A free virtual world means a fun site for kids and teens aged from 8 – 16 years old, but not limited.  Free virtual world  games include 3D Avatar customization, Dress-up Games for girls, Adventure games for Kids. Most of games have socializing functions and players are able to hand out, go to the cinema in the virtual environment.

Basically, you need to download a client to socialize with your friends whom you walk with in your personalized 3D room. These games include Second Life, moove, Smeet 3D and Meez.  However, you could walk around in some virtual reality without you downloading the software and play in your web browser directly, these games include YooWalk, SuperSecret and WoozWorld.

On the other hand, some virtual games are the principal places where kids could take a leisurely life and go vacationing with educational functions.

Interesting enough,  most of virtual world supports  some magical and awesome items to dress you up beautifully and even with more fun stuff to do.

Today, we’d like to list some free virtual 3D worlds, which may help you get more friends in the world.

1, Woozworld

Woozworld is a fun and exciting online community for kids, tweens and teens aged from 8 -15. You can join one of the 4 Nationz: Mystic Alley, LibStreet, Cortoza and Colony V to create your own world, make friends become a super star. WoozWorld is a safe online virtual world where you will beome the Woozworld’s Next Superstar finalist.

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TinierMe is a Japanese-style anime virtual world targeted for girls under 20. In TinierMe, females can create their own custom avatar (called a Selfy, named after their Mascot, SELFY), meet others, and play online games for free. TinierMe allows you to document items, take part in events. If you are interested in Japanese style characters, that is an ideal place for you to go for fashion.

Learn More about TinierMe…

3 Secret Builders

Secret Builders is an online safe virtual world with educational games for children aged 5 to 14, filled with online games, quests, pets, activities, avatars, tree houses and much more. Secret Builders is powered by a web 2.0 community of children, parents, educators, writers, artists and game enthusiasts. As you explore the world, you will find exciting adventures, friends to chat with, and games to play. There are lots of menus and buttons around the screen so that you can go directly to where you want to.

Learn More about Secret Builders


Webosaurs is a browser game where players can explore the world, meet others, and play games as dinosaurs. Like many other educational browser games, “Webosaurs” is aimed at a younger audience. Players begin by creating their character, and selecting one of four dino types.

Learn More Websaurs

5, MiniMonos

MiniMonos is a virtual world for children focused on fun, generosity, and sustainability. MiniMonos is a brand new virtual world [still in alpha stage] for kids to monkey around in. With their own MiniMonos monkey avatar, they can choose a treehouse to live in, explore the beautiful island, chat with other monkeys, and even participate in the kids blog. Games include catching clouds to create wind energy, cleaning up the trash in the water, recycling into the right bin as stuff falls from a conveyor belt with much more still in development.

Play and Learn more information about MiniMonos

6,wiglington and wenks

Wiglington and wenks is the most massive virtual world…for kids!! The travels of Wiglington and Wenks is a very fun virtual world where kids can travel around the world,learn about different cultures and the envoirment and they can also meet and learn about famous historical people who have lived in the past,When meeting the historical figures kids have to collect items that resemble to that historical people to help them regain their memorys.The wiglington and wenks staff is very nice to and their on almost everyday and its fun having parties with them.And mods are on everyday to keep WW safe from trouble makers and the WW mods are realy nice and their also fun to hang out with.It also warms my heart that kids on this game keep reminding others to stick to the rules and to never reveal any personal info.Wiglington and wenks is the best ever!

Play and check more details about wiglington and wenks

7 Kaneva

The World of Kaneva is a free virtual world, where you can make new friends, hang out together, and have fun. A digital metropolis full of cool hangouts, interesting people, and entertainment hot spots, Kaneva’s free virtual world offers you an immersive 3D experience where you can play games, shop, or build your dream home. Bring your friends, your favorite videos and music… bring your imagination, and step into our free virtual world, the World of Kaneva.

You can play social games with your friends in a 3D Virtual World. Card games, trivia contests, puzzles, adventures, and more!


8, Fantage

Although it’s nicely animated and easy to navigate, Fantage doesn’t stray far from the standard social world formula. Games are simple but fun, and they’re built into the scenery — along with some surprises — making for a high level of interactivity. Users can also complete larger quests to earn special items, and the Fantage blog keeps residents posted on new developments, events, and missions — meaning that this virtual world is constantly growing and changing.

Still, compared with popular virtual worlds like Club Penguin and the choices listed below, the overall execution isn’t quite as slick.

Learn More about Fantage

9, Camp Pete

Much like Pete Carroll himself, Camp Pete is a good-looking, high-energy, well-intentioned site aimed at creating a moderated, positive football-oriented community for kids from 5 to 12. The USC head coach appears frequently throughout Camp Pete’s virtual world to teach lessons in football and life, as well as deliver “personal” notes of encouragement to your locker such as “Keep up the good work!” and, surprisingly, “Time out! You’ve been online a really long time and it’s time to go get some exercise!”

Camp Pete is an enormous, colorful world which allows kids (in customizable cartoon avatar form) to roam freely, watch videos, play games, answer trivia, chat, and earn tokens. The games were a little barebones when the site first launched, but as Pete’s world begins to fill up, the value will come more from interactions with others than simply from the games and activities provided.

10 Planet Cazmo

kids will probably find this a fun place to hang out, but older teens may find it a bit boring. The open chat feature and impending features such as the ability to upload content makes the Internet safety aspect questionable, though, and parents should definitely talk about how to be safe and responsible when chatting and interacting with others. Also, the site’s creators have clearly stated that they intend to let advertisers use PlanetCazmo.com as a venue for hawking their products to young consumers; this aspect downgrades the site’s value considerably, especially given the fact that it has no real educational value.

Learn More about Planet Cazmo

11 GardenParty

GardenParty is an interactive world for kids set in a beautiful natural environment. The idea is to ‘Grow your own Fun’ – which is essentially what you do. Using your own personalized Gardener, players can then take part in a variety of activities and games, in a group, on their own or against other gardeners in order to earn orbs, it is with these orbs that seeds can be bought. Grow those seeds in your garden and they grow into a spectacular array of accessories and objects which can be used within GardenParty.

Learn More bout GardenParty

12 Smeet 3D Chat

sMeet, the innovative browser based 3D world & chat Community, is a new type of chat entertainment! In the cool virtual chat community and 3D world, you can become acquainted with new people, flirt or only meet with friends. Experience exciting webcam events, view the most popular videos or play online games in the 3D chatroom. The possibilities in the 3D chat community are endless –register now free of charge for a 3D world, without downloading!

Learn more about Smeet 3D Chat

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  2. thanks for such a nice article. i would like to recommend also http://www.ekidnaworld.com. it is a uniquely-australian themed virtual world for kids of all ages. it’s fun and has lot’s of cool stuff in store for the gamers!

  3. fantage is a fun game to play on it is awesome

  4. fantage is a fun game to play on it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yo u all are stupid if u like dont try this game u Know wat im sayin dog?u here me huh huh do ya I:^P



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