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Top No download MMORPGs

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Tradionally, players need to download the client to play the massively multiplayer online games or RPGs, however, the latest high-end technology supports the developers to create top MMORPGs with no download and set in the web browser, which attracts players, both working and at home, to play the game directly without any software download.

The No download MMORPG is also known as browser-based MMORPG game or webgame where thousands of players could explore the instances, go questing, and get rewarded, fight for recognization.

No downlaod MMORPG is also called virtual world where players can handout, make friends and do misstions by inviting facebook friends or twitter’s friends. No download MMORPGs are pretty fun and become trendy among young fans and the elders.

1 WarFlow

Perhaps 3 Kingdoms are new to non-Chinese people, but 3 Kingdoms games could be popular worldwide in the forms of Client-based MMORPG, and No download steps. The newest online game WarFlow was just launched by Dovogame.

Learn more about WarFlow

2, War of 2012,

War of 2012 is a a new fantasy MMORPG with no download and you can play it for free on your web browsers. Like city building mmo games, you need to build your city and develop it into a better capital in order to let your people feel comfortable.

Play War of 2012

3, Business Tycoon Online

Business Tycoon Online is a no download Massively Mutilplayer Online Game set in the browser, like FireFox, IE and Chrome, etc..

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4 Nap War

Nap War features original graphics for teens aged from 15- 25,  and it is free to play and item mall-powered massively multiplayer online game, you can both download the client to play or just open your web browser to have fun. The game is constantly updated with player’s demand and developer’s creative.

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5 TransForce

TransForce  is symbolic of The TransFormers, the film Adaptation, in which you can select from one of factions Autobots and Decepticons. By introducing some MMO game’s features like Instances dungeon, Slave capturing, Achievements Unlocking, and Heroes levelup, TransForce Online is studded with orginalities like no others.

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6, Dawn Of Nations

Dawn Of Nations, WW2 Warfare, War2 is the same game with no download. The game is set at the height of the second world war, and you can select alliance as you wish. WW2 Warefare is a strategy browser game in which you can build your city, train your army, make research, and lead your troops to battle with thousands of players online.

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7, BC Wars

In BC Wars, players can create their own caveman/woman, build a cave, battle dinosaurs or other players, join up with tribes and participate in diplomacy or war as everyone competes to rise to the top of the prehistoric world. Start out as a regular caveman who minds his own business picking berries and hunting for food. Become a legend throughout time as you battle other neanderthals, wrangle dinosaurs, and build up your cave. This is also the first browser based game to adopt a real world economy where users can withdraw virtual money in the game for real money. And it’s Free to Play.

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8, Dragon Tavern

Dragon Tavern, is a free to play web based no download adventure action game where players are able to explore the wilds, wipe out monsters, steal cash by which to trade with a bigger stick. The game was released since 2009, you can play it directly by just registering a free account.

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9, REN Online
REN is an online collectible card game. Fight thousand of players online in strategic battles based on an original game system. To take part in this game, you will need to register by creating your own character card with the appropriate tool. This card will follow you in all your adventures in the REN world.
Once you’ve selected all of your character features, you will have to fill in the information requested, and validate your account by mail. You will then be able to play REN.

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10, Brave Arms

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11 Iron Grip: Marauders

Like many browser games, Iron Grip: Marauders do not require you to download a client to play while you only need to register a free account to play. The game features 3D graphics, AI battle, and multiplayer online. In Marauders, players engage in turn-based & strategic army and base building gameplay. Players play an airship captain, overseeing their armies on the battlefield in a fight for dominance against other players; engaging their units against their opponents. Players are able to attack enemy AI and player bases and capture them, as well as build their own. Finally, players are also able to control their airship base set in the skies above, where they strategically plan their army’s composition, size, and even research new units or technologies to allow different play styles and strategies.

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12, Eredan: GT

Eredan GT is a free online role-playing massively multiplayer online and adventure action game with  no download requrired. In Eredan GT, You can select a guild from the four avaiable and challenge the 100 missions, cast spells and craft weapons.  The game is orginally released in France, followed by the English version in May 2010.

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  1. i realy like playing RPG games i can,t afford to play them

  2. i would suggest sherwwood dungeon awesome mmorpg game

  3. ok i will i can afford them but dont want to spend and need more memory

  4. i went to it watched video imagine a million player game like this in ur web browser made by some dude in his basement lol

  5. War of 2012 deserves to be N1. Its really interesting, and I can say that I’m hooked up!

  6. mmorpg no download

    Hey there, Great list! I’m playng War of 2012 atm and love it! Great game wich dont need good pc for playng.


  7. you just rickrolled click here

  8. al this games suck

  9. i suggest “if anything” moviestarplanet.com and its for everyone, not just kids :P

  10. try moviestarplanet, its like facebook nut like a game, 2D by the way


  12. hello I hate stupid bitcher cilent dowload

  13. these games like men


  14. heheheheheh

  15. SUCKS. i was gonna play the brave whatever, but its a FACE BOOK GAME. parents wont let me get a facebook… it SUCKS.


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